Who We Are

Welcome to LISTaBIKE, the marketplace for bicycle enthusiasts! Our goal is to provide a much needed marketplace that caters uniquely to the specific needs related to buying and selling high-end bicycles online.
With the help of our community we identified the key requirements and the concerns related to buying and selling gently used items online. Here’s what we found:

Item Descriptions
When shopping online it’s critical to have as much information as possible. This includes photos, a short item history, as well as a detailed description which specifies any flaws the item may have. This avoids any surprises. LISTaBIke encourages sellers to provide all the information needed in order for buyers to make an informed decision.

Prices have crept up on 3rd party online marketplaces and bike sellers have been one of the prime victims. LISTaBIKE is completely free to buy or sell.

We encourage users to take some basic safety precautions when buying or selling an item through LISTaBike. See our guide for safe transactions.