Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list a bike or component on LISTaBIKE?
100% Free. No hidden fees. No fees. Period.

When will my listing go live?
Listings are automatically approved and should go live shortly after submitting.

How long are listings posted for?
Listings are automatically removed after 90 days. If your item sells faster, you can delete it from your account section. 

Can I resubmit a listing?
If your listing has not sold, you can submit a new listing for the item after your original listing as expired. Note that duplicate listings may be taken down.

How will potential buyers contact me?
You can choose between email or phone as your preferred contact method (or both). If you prefer to be reached by text, you can provide instructions in your item description.

How many photos should I take?
Listings with many high-quality photos perform the best. We encourage users to take photos outside (during the day) and from each side with a close-up of each component. Also, including photo close-ups of any wear and tear will increase the buyer’s confidence and will improve your chances of selling the item quickly. I’ts better to include too many photos than not enough.
Note that listings with stock photography or non-authorized use of 3rd party photography will be taken down.

How should I prepare my bike for sale?
We encourage sellers to follow these steps to sell their bikes quickly at the best price:- Wash it! Clean the chain. Make sure brakes, gears and drivetrain are fully functional.- If possible, contact your local bike shop and get a tune up. This will increase your chances of getting – Take many quality photos.

How much should I list my bike for?
Prices are entirely at the sellers own discretion. We encourage sellers to do proper research and use available resources (such as www.bicycleBlueBook.com) to find the fair market value of their items.

Are there any buyer fees?
There are no fees. Buyers can contact sellers directly.

How can I make an offer?
If you’re interested in an item you can contact the seller directly to make an offer or negotiate a price. Sellers will share their preferred contact method (phone or email) and may also provide additional contact information in their listing description.

How do I pay for an item?
Payment arrangements must be made directly with the seller. We encourage both sides to take proper safety precautions and use payment methods they are familiar with (such as cash).

How do I pick up my item?
We recommend buyers and sellers to discuss logistics between themselves and find a safe public space to complete the transaction. We also suggest that payment is completed in person after the item is received.

Can I return my purchase?
LISTaBIKE does not sell bikes or equipment. Purchases are made directly with the seller, and any further warranty or return policy should be discussed directly with the seller.